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I really need some help

Ok I've narrowed my dpkg problem down to the following files 
I asked before if some would zip up there info directory...
and recieved no responces... which is understandable to say the least 
I was asking a hugh favour
But I have gotten it down to the following files 
So please please please please send them to me and my system should be back 
to normal
The following files are corupt 
These files reside in the /var/lib/dpkg/info directory
could someone or a few poeple even compress those for me
and send them this way ;-)
If they can't be sent, could someone point me in the direction of 
repairing these files
dpkg simply will not work if it can't read the data in files under info

I realise that I'm getting under peoples skins with these requests but I'm 
at a loss of how else to go about getting these files.


DEBIAN the best LINUX distribution
GNU there simply isn't any other way to go

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