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Re: xemacs-19.15p4 segfault on new frame -- xlib problem?

stephen farrell <stephen@farrell.org> writes:

> I recently upgraded to debian from redhat, and an interesting new
> problem has surfaced with xemacs.  I use a scrpt with gnudoit to
> create new frames frequently.  now when I run this script xemacs
> coredumps frequently, especially after it's been running for a while.
> When I look at the back-trace, the last instructions are in Xt stuff.


> #0  0x402669b9 in __kill ()
> #1  0x806f4dd in fatal_error_signal (sig=11) at emacs.c:202
> #2  0xbfffe54c in ?? ()
> #3  0x400b84c0 in XtInitializeWidgetClass ()
> #4  0x400b8c72 in _XtCreatePopupShell ()
> #5  0x400b8caf in XtCreatePopupShell ()


I had (still have, in a way) a bug in XEmacs 19.14 (xemacs_19.14-1)
that looked very similar, although it was reported fixed in 19.15.
(make-frame) always crashed with a stack trace like yours after
displaying an XFace in Gnus (or elsewhere).  I have a small script
that demonstrates this bug, if you'd like to test your XEmacs.

I "fixed" it myself by a (setq features (delq 'xface features)).

                Carey Evans  <*>  c.evans@clear.net.nz

	    "Lies, damn lies, and computer documentation."

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