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Re: Is this a bad, bad sign? (harddisk problem?)

You wrote:
>Would that include the SB16 software configureable card?  What used to be
>called PNP by some.

Mine is a ESS, and Intel's pnptool won't configure it either, if that's
what you mean.  I run its config utility from dos and then use loadlin
to boot linux.  

In my case the problem went away after I commented out the card's init
program in config.sys.  I knew I didn't have an irq/port conflict, even though
the message was about irq timeout,  so the only option left was  changing the 
dma.  It worked. :-) (check /proc/ioports, /proc/interrupts, /proc/pci etc.  
ports, irqs etc used by your hardware -- disable SB first.)


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