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Re: No automatic PST->PDT time change?

> I'm up-to-date with "unstable", and my clock magically changed over night.
> I don't have this problem! I'm in MDT now.
> ....RickM...
My clock changed from GMT to BST (British Summer Time), but when
I use mail to send messages the Date field on the message still
shows the time in GMT. The same happens with the headers generated
by qmail. Does anyone know why? If I use exmh or xfmail the Date
field is correct.



Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 - Kernel 2.1.29 - http://www.debian.org 
Jose' RAMOS Goncalves <J.R.Goncalves@reading.ac.uk>   
Department of Physics - University of Reading - England - U.K.

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