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Problem with mgetty's "faxspool"?

I was tinkering around with mgetty's fax scripts and came across something

When I use "faxspool" to spool up a fax, it generates a file called "JOB"
in the /var/spool/fax/outgoing tree which describes the job (who spooled 
it, what the original file is, what g3 files to send, recent status 
messages, etc.). However, the JOB file has no linefeeds in it... which
causes "faxrunq" (which uses awk to parse the JOB file) to freak.

I traced the problem to a line in the "faxspool" script in /usr/sbin 
where the script sets the value of the "echo" variable. The idea was
to set "echo" to the proper command line to "/bin/echo" that would 
enable escaped chars (otherwise know as trigraphs: '\n', '\r', '\t', etc).
Well, instead of setting the "echo" variable to "echo -e" like it should
have been, it was set to "echo -n" which turns OFF the trailing linefeed.
I chenged the "echo -n" to "echo -e" and it works great now.

So, why am I telling everyone of my woes? Well, I hadn't modified any of my
fax scripts up to this point... which would indicate to me that mgetty
is *shipping* this way. Now, keep in mind that I'm using the package
found in "stable", so this might have been fixed already. I guess my
question is: has *ANYONE* been able to successfully use faxspool from
the stock "stable" mgetty in the buzz distribution?

- Joe

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