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Re: Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

> From: Pete Harlan <harlan@mymenus.com>
[ snip ]
> Look at the compilation options for both of them and make
> sure that they're each using, e.g., "/var/lock/LCK..ttyS0" for the
> lockfile, and that they write their pid in the file in ASCII format
> (not binary).  (This is from the Linux FSSTND.)
> Kermit, Minicom, pppd, any modem software you write, mgetty, etc.,
> must agree on all of the above, and then it works like a dream.

Except for the fact that I have to point minicom to /dev/ttyS0 (which is
what mgetty is listening on) instead of /dev/cua0. I can see why it would
be necessary to do this for management of locking, etc. But, after taking
about 2 years to get myself thinking along the lines of separate devices
for dialing *in* and *out*, I have a little trouble when someone basically
says "Eh, nevermind with the /dev/cua deal. Just use the ttyS devices.". 

Why, after years and years of needing them, are the /dev/cua's suddenly,
seemingly, obsolete?

- Joe

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