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Re: Root login is waiting

> I have a problem with root login again. All other logins are fine,
> but root login is waiting after I typed the password. Even
> su isn't working anymore. I updtated some packages, including
> a few from Incoming this morning, after reboot, this behaviour
> is present. Sound familiar, a solution?

You have upgraded to the latest sys(k?)logd package from Incoming.
It looks like syslogd isn't started correctly. login tries to
syslog(2) in case of root login, and this syscall causes the login
to hang. For the same reason, sudo will not work either.

Can you check if you have a /dev/xconsole? Maybe syslog tries to 
write to it.

I had this problem often with the 1.3.6x kernels, probably due to 
some incorrect FIFO stuff.

Fast solution: reboot in single user mode and reinstall the old
syslogd package.


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