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Yggdrasil Debian replacement CD's have arrived

The mass produced replacement CD's for the corrupt Debian files on
CD#1 of Linux Internet Archives have arrived today, Wedesday,
17 April 1996 (on schedule).  If you own a Winter 1996 Linux Internet
Archives, you can get your free update CD by sending us your postal
mail address and the serial number on the inside back tray liner of
your copy of Linux Internet Archives.  You can do this by email, fax,
phone, mail--whatever is convenient to you.  Here is the announcement:

					Yggdrasil Computing, Inc.
					4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205
					San Jose, CA 95129
					Phone: +1 800 261-6630
					       +1 408 261-6630
					Fax:   +1 408 261-6631
17 April 1996				http://www.yggdrasil.com


	Yggdrasil Computing is now shipping a free update for the
Winter 1996 edition of Linux Internet Archives.  Linux Internet
Archives is a $22.95 6 CD collection of Linux-related software from
the internet.  This free update adds a seventh disc, which includes
the following:

		o Updated copy of the free portions of Debian 0.93R6.
		  The copy on the original CD 1 of Linux Internet
		  Archives contained at least ten corrupted files.
		  In addition, other files have been added in the
		  rest of the Debian area.
		o A copy of the new X11R6.1 X Windows distribution
	  	  from ftp.x.org.
		o New files that have been added to the GNU archives
		  since the original Linux Internet Archives CD's
		  were made.
		o Enhancements to BLADE 0.3 Linux distribution for
		  Digital Alpha:
			o New MILO and kernel floppies for Multia/UDB
			o TGA X server for Multia/UDB
		o Linux Alpha archive from ftp.azstarnet.com
		o A tar file of snapshot 2 of OSF/RI's i386 MkLinux.

	We made this disc in order to correct the file corruption in
our copy the free portions of Debian on CD 1.  However, it seemed
wasteful to leave the remaining space on the disc empty, so we filled
the rest of the disc with the other newly released free software that
would be of interest to Linux Internet Archives users.

	This disc is available at no cost to owners of the current
Winter 1996 edition of Linux Internet Archives.  If you would like a
copy, just send us the serial number on the inside back tray liner of
Linux Internet Archives and your postal mail address by any convenient

	Those less fortunate users who do not own Linux Internet
Archives can obtain this disc for $6.95 + a flat $5 shipping and
handling per order (regardless of quantity) or by buying a copy of
Linux Internet Archives and getting this disc for free.

Adam J. Richter				  Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
(408) 261-6630				  "Free Software For The Rest of Us."

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