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re:dftp vs. dselect: suggestions/bug

>1) dftp getnew: if vi is not installed (highly probable on a new system...),
>the selection process is skipped, and you start downloading the full 0.93 and
>1.0 distributions...

I never thought about "vi" not being available.  I'll have to do something
about that.  Thanks for pointing it out.  Perhaps I can default to "ae" on
Debian systems.  That comes as part of the base.  You can always override
this by setting the EDITOR env variable.

>2) the selection for dftp can't know about dependencies, while dselect can't
>know how to fetch remote things. It would be great to include `dftp getselect`
>as a subprocess of dselect, like an alternative to cd-rom, diskette or HD
>installation. In the meantime, we could live with a patch/script that updates
>the .packages-selected file for dftp, according to the choices you made in
>dselect. However *where is that dselect info* hidden??? Which brings me to the
>only real "bug" I encountered (quite mild after all...):

I'm working on a Perl version of 'dftp', much of which will the be transferred
into 'dselect' somehow to provide an "FTP" install method, as you suggest.

>3) there is no manpage for dselect or dpkg, although there is one for dpkg-deb
>that points to these... Is this normal/temporarily lacking? I seem to miss a
>few manpages even after installing the full manpages and man packages.

Sorry, I can't help there.  :-)

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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