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Brazil's firts Nobel Peace Prize

 Brazil's firts Nobel Peace Prize
     After a long struggles of nearly 14 (fourteen) years ex-corporal Percival Furquim Vaz finaly received his Nobel Peace Prize Diploma and the Nobel Peace Prize Medal, on the 25th. of October, 2002; This honours was awarded to all the Blue Beret troops who had served for the United Nations till 1988. The Nobel Prize was annouced in Oslo on the 10th. of December, 1988. Here is a list of the certificates, diplomas and medals wich Percival received..... from 1963 to 2002..... a long span of 39 (thirty-nine) years! In 1963, he received an honourable mention certificates  from the commanding officer of the 3rd. Platoon of the 2nd. Infantary Regiment for his service at Suez. In 1995 he received The United Nations 50th. Anniversary Medal from the Norwegian official. This was awarded for his contribution as a member of a United Nations Peace  keeping missions during the period 1945-1995. In the year 2000, he received The International Veteran Millennium Medal for his contribution as a member of an Internationally recognized Veteran Organization, on the 1st. of January , 2000. This certificate was signed by the president of the board of the International Commerative Awards and Decorations of Denmark. On the 25tn. of October, 2002 he finally received the diploma and Nobel Commitee on the 10th. of December 1988. Although Percival had appealed to ex-presidents Sarney and Franco and the famous sportsman Pelé, he was not given any attention. One of Percival's friend had to travel from London to Oslo to defend his clain for the diploma and Nobel Peace Prize Medal. The Brazilian Army Blocked asll access to the Norwegian authorities. The foreign Minister and the ambassadors at the United Nations and Oslo didn't lift a finger to honour the receipient of Brazil's 1st. Peace Prize Medal. If you want to read the text in Portuguese, please digit this link, URL: http://www.mre.gov.br/acs/clipping/gl1102.htm.
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