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MCE, has the pleasure of presenting NETMAIL, software to enable focused reasearch of E-Mail addresses in the Internet.

Thanks to this software it is possible for clients to research clients, suppliers, wholesalers, collaborators etc.,  in some specific field of activity in a certain category ( example: wine producers in France, hotel operators in Spain, beer producers in Germany, research labs in Italy, university libraries in the U.S.A. etc...).

Once a target is identified, including geographical territory, the software accesses various search engines  (around 500 are available globally) which cover the area in question; downloads all Internet addresses the search engines may provide, explores WEB pages the software may find to identify e-Mail addresses which might be useful. At this stage the software relays a message to these addresses which it would have listed, such as a message regarding an interactive presentation, sales promotion, offers, information requests etc., with a possibility of having this message repeated throughout the period of time chosen by the client.

Research Distributors for sale retail.


Best Regards

Sergio Galassi

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