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Unsigned Music News Issue #1


We’d like to invite you to join our quarterly unsigned music guide,

The idea of the guide is to provide a completely free platform for unsigned musicians to share their music, views and ideas, and to bring the best in unsigned music to you!

We have taken some reviews, news and ideas from some popular websites to bring to you a sample of the type of contents we would like to provide in the future.

Please feel free to send coments idea's reviews and music for the next issue to unsignednews@googlemail.com

This first issue has a Manchester Bands Focus

thanks again the Unsigned News Team

Sample Issue #1


 The hotest news on the circuit at the moment is the green man competition

Green man competition

Green Man Main Stage

Well forget X Factor and all those rubbish TV talent shows - Green Poll 2009 is here and the search is on to find the best new band or act to get the Green Man party started.

How can I vote?

Anybody can vote so long as they registered with a username and password on the Green Poll microsite. Each user is limited to one vote per band per day and once you have voted we will enter you into a prize draw for a pair of free tickets for the Green Man 2009. You will be notified via email by August 1 2009 if you are a winner.

Good luck – may the spirit of the Green Man be with you!

Click here for Green Poll ***We’d love to hear from you – please get in touch via our contact page with your feedback or to report any problems with the Green Poll site.***


 Some Great Manchester Bands in the Green Man Poll!

I Am Three
Music is about sharing imagination, thoughts, feelings, capturing moments of creativity and inspiration.

The Nightjars
Debut single - Indie Single of the Week (Piccadilly Records) Debut mini-album - Album of the Week (The Big Issue) Breakthrough Artist of 2007 (BBC Manchester)

The Carletons
Annie Mac' and Nick Grimshaws Radio 1 house band of the week, once in 2008 and another in 2009. XFM'S unsigned band of the week 2009

The Ragamuffins
The Ragamuffins are a vibrant infectious four piece band who exist between Liverpool and Manchester and make noise and waves in both.

Self- described as "Archaic funk fables and dub migrations...



Please visit www.music-dash.co.uk for all the best and latest Manchester bands reviews

OPEN HEARTS *** Album Of The Week Extra ***
23 June 2009 / Melodic / 11 Trk Download (CD/LP expected October 2009)
:: The Longcut ::
24 hours ago The Longcut suddenly announced the immediate release of their second album. Angrier, harder, more f**ked up but more heartfelt, it's The Longcut we knew and loved only more so. Out now, the above date is just to get it at the top of the page.

22 June 2009 / 4 AD / 12 trk CD
:: Future Of The Left ::
Future Of The Left continue to blow up in your face with a heft pedigree

22 June 2009 / Kids / 5 Trk Remix CD
:: Defend Moscow ::
Respectable slice of leftfield fluffy pop, accompanied by some fairly useless dance mixes

22 June 2009 / XL / 9 Trk CD
:: Jack Peñate ::
Nine tracks on this album is short change indeed, but if it is any consolation, every track is a potential single

22 June 2009 / Demo / 3 Trk CDR
:: Lost Calm ::
Pretty epic, built on crashing chords and bubbling emotion

THE ETERNAL * album of the week *
22 June 2009 / Matador Records / 12 Trk CD
:: Sonic Youth ::
There’s no reason why “The Eternal” can not be marked down as one of their truly classic albums

22 June 2009 / Warp / 12 Trk CD
:: Bibio ::
An unsteady album, dripping in folk and funk and wobbling on a bed of psychedelic electronica

22 June 2009 / Full Time Hobby / 12 Trk CD
:: White Denim ::
Austin Texas trio White Denim serve up a good album - maybe not as good as Workout Holiday but good enough..

22 June 2009 / Virgin (EMI) / 3 Trk CD
:: Starsailor ::
“...married life and international politics are some of the key ingredients...We've tried to write classic songs..." Ahemm >>

22 June 2009 / Sea You Records / 1 Trk CD
:: Thieves Like Us ::
Broken melodies and throbbing two note basslines taken straight from an early 80’s New Order remix

22 June 2009 / Heist / 2 trk CD
:: Love Like Fire ::
Eloquent, but marvellously simple new alternative rock

22 June 2009 / Epitah / 11 Trk CD
:: The Ghost Of A Thousand ::
Brighton, England – home to the crushing chords and distorted widescreen rock of The Ghost Of A Thousand

22 June 2009 / Polyvinyl / 1 Trk CD
:: Of Montreal ::
A decent romp of falsetto and wonky funk, ferried along on a neatly bobbing fusion of electronica

22 June 2009 / Demo / 4 Trk CDR
:: Lazy Two ::
The name of the band is a little awkward but the music, I reckon could take the duo very far indeed

ALL DRESSED UP * demo of the week *
22 June 2009 / Demo / 3 Trk CDR
:: Ian Adamson ::
There’s nothing complicated about the song structures on Ian Adamson’s songs - but it works


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"The band everyones talking about...seem to justify (their) boasts...a band with genuine potential to do rather well...not one weak song in their set, soon EVERYONE will either love them or hate them!" - Cath Aubergine, Manchester's No. 1 Alternative Music Journalist


Ok Deadman was formed in the summer of 2008 by long time musical cohorts Jacob Cordingley (guitar/vocals) and Benjamin Hunter (guitar) and a couple of guys they met on the internet Ed Kibblewhite (bass) and Lee Corfeild (drums). Lee left the band soon after and was replaced by Paul Waters, who himself left in February 2009.

Introducing on youtube

The moods



Maximo Park



New Manchester Bands From The BBC

Vengeance Collective

Vengeance Collective

Introducing… Vengeance Collective, whose sound is "topped with a grimy veneer and streetwise lyrics"

Cyril Snear

Cyril Snear

Introducing… Cyril Snear, who make music that is "sometimes ambient, sometimes heavy".

Empty Set

Empty Set

Introducing… Empty Set, a duo split between Manchester and London who write about love and physics.

Young British Artists

Young British Artists (c) Tim France

Introducing… Young British Artists, who are turning heads with their "amplified sound".

Virus Syndicate

Virus Syndicate

Introducing... Virus Syndicate, who've come a long way from being "just a mic and decks in a shed."

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists

Introducing… We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists, a trio from Salford, Sweden and America.

Inside View

Inside View

Introducing… Inside View, who started with a conversation online about bands they liked.

The Moss Project

The Moss Project

Introducing… The Moss Project, who perform "challenging and engaging new music".

Lost Knives

Lost Knives

Introducing… Lost Knives, who make what they call "pop music to soundtrack an apocalypse".

A Bear

A Bear (c) Simon Thelwell

Introducing… A Bear, a trio of friends playing "some sort of post-hardcore".


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