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Re: Debian XFree86 - Xlib and internationalization

	Is this patch still needed on XFree86 3.3.6 ? I was not able to find
a version of the patch for this server and I lack the knowledge to make one
myself. I am using potato I am downloading staroffice in Portuguese to see
how it behaves with our stock xlib6g. If this is still need I can volunteer
to apply the patch and provide an alternate package for those who need.



On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 04:49:36AM -0300, Taupter wrote:
> Mr. Branden,
> At first, excuse me for my poor english.
> There is an issue that is being around from some days in the
> debian-user-portuguese list, about some difficulties to make X working
> in the right fashion with our (and others) language(s).These
> difficulties prevent us from correctly type a large set of portuguese
> words, because some some not-so-well-written third-party applications
> (like StarOffice, WordPerfect, GtkExtText lib and others) do not handle
> correctly keystrokes needed to type a word as "coração" (heart), but
> "coracao".
> One workaround to this problem is the Quinot's Xlib patch (with some
> conffiles hacking). After we install by hand the patched version, every
> program just work fine. The drawback is, as this patch is not inside any
> package of the Debian Distribution, we must _really_ do it _by_hand_,
> even downloading the XFree86 source, applying the patch, recompilig it
> to get _only_one_ library that will meet our needs to make our system
> accept our language input without errors.
> It would be a _very_ good idea to simplify this process, making it an
> optional package, or in another way that could address this problem.
> Surely all the debian-user-portuguese list would be pleased to discuss
> this topic with you, and help whatever we can.
> Thank you
> Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro
> taupter@baydenet.com.br
> debian-user-portuguese@lists.debian.org
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