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* Technologies and equipment for production and decoration of elite packaging.

In 2007 the International Specialized Exhibition "PACKUKRAINE-2007" attracted about 110 companies from 9 countries of the world - Austria, China, France, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine.The exhibition was placed in 2 pavilions on the area of 4 300 sq.m.
April 08-11, 2008
holds the 16th International Specialized Exhibition
Organizer – “EXPOCENTER OF UKRAINE” National Complex
Supported by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine
Within the framework of the Exhibition – the specialized exposition “ELITUPACK”,

the 8th international specialized exhibition “ETYKETKA-2008”


the 16th international specialized exhibition INPRODMASH-2008 (“INFOODTECH-2008”),
The International Specialized Forum
April 09 2008
spectators` sympathies contest “BEST PACKAGE-2008” and “BEST LABEL-2008”,
seminars, conferences, presentations
Themes of the Exhibition:

    * Technologies and equipment for paper, cardboard, metal, polymer and glass packaging manufacturing.
    * Raw stuff and materials for packaging manufacturing: cardboard, paper, polymers, polymer film, metal and foil.
    * Technologies and equipment for dosing, packing and filling of liquid, bulk and tough materials and foodstuff.
    * Foodstuff packing. Packed goods. Industrial and souvenir packing.
    * Machinery and equipment for image drawing, texts and bar code plotting on packing. 
    * Marking equipment and materials. Machinery for label making.
    * Consumables and components.
    * Corking and hermetically sealing means for packing.
    * Auxiliary packing materials: cord, tape and adhesive tape.
    * Equipment for binding, wrapping and fixing.
    * Finished packing products from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, various types of paper, polymer materials, glass, metal and foil.
    * Sale of packing machinery. Commissioning.
    * After-sales service.
    * Packaging reprocessing.

 “ELITUPACK” – specialized exposition

    * Technologies and equipment for production and decoration of elite packaging.
    * Elite packaging.
    * Design of packaging.
    * Present, souvenir and jewellery packaging.
    * Decorative packaging for elite cosmetics, perfumery, foodstuff, drinks. 

Exhibitors of “PackUkraine 2008” may participate in the Forum FOR FREE!


General media-partner – “KARTON and GOFROKARTON”, magazine
We invite you to take part in the Exhibition!
If you have questions or  need additional information please contact us:
“Expocenter of Ukraine” National Complex
Glushkov Ave., 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680

Tel./fax: 0038 (044) 596 91 14 (13) 



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