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Physician Directory in America

Currently Practicing Physicians in the US 

788,939 in total <> 17,488 emails

Many popular specialties like Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, OBGYN, Oncology, Pediatrics and more

16 different sortable fields

Now priced at: $394

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Listing of American Pharma Companies
Names and email addresses of 47,000 employees in high-ranking positions

Hospital Facilities in America
complete contact information for CEO's, CFO's, Directors and more - over 23,000 listings in total for more than 7,000 hospitals in the USA

Database of American Dentists
Virtually every dentist in the US with full contact details

American Chiropractors List
Complete data for all chiropractors in the US (a $250 value)

email to:      leonard.canfield.dr@live.com


exp. mar  June 06 

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