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Debian hardware (HP Proliant), version and backup questions


I work for a company called Learning Lab Denmark and we are currently
switching our website to an open source content management system called
Plone, and we need to set up a server for internally hosting our site.

I am coming to this list as a Redhat refuge - We have been having problems
getting Zope to run reliably on Redhat, and Rob Miller (of Burning Man fame)
who has done a lot of Zope hosting, recommended Debian as an alternative to
Redhat and FreeBSD.

Since I am not so familiar with the Debian distribution of Linux, I have a
few questions about hardware, versions and backup solutions:

The server we are looking at getting is an HP Proliant DL380. Here are the

Processor: Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz
RAM: 2 GB ( max. 6 GB)
Cache: 512 KB L2
Harddisk: 4 x 36.4 GB hot-swap
Netcard: 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet
Cost: 26.995 DKK =~ $4,300

1) Hardware
Given the previous post about problems with Debian recognizing the disk
controller on a HP Proliant MC330, I have to ask: can I expect similar
problems with the DL380?

We are going to have a very short period of time to get the server up and
running, installed with Zope and all the necessary Python modules (although
I hear this is very easy with apt-get).

Given this short time period, I want to make sure we get a server that has
been proven to work well with Debian.

2) Debian version
Which version of Debian should I install?  I've heard that the Stable
version is lagging far behind on many modules, and the Development version
is actually more stable in some respects.

What is the best way to install Debian - by CD-ROM, Net or DVD?

3) Backup
What is the best way to back up the system?  For our Windows 2000 machines,
we use Backup Exec and I guess we could back up the data on the Debian
machine using Samba.

But is there a good tool for backing up the entire system, if we need to do
a complete restore? It's not likely that the machine will have a dedicated
tape backup, at least not right away.

Thank you for answering my questions about Debian.


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