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Re: Spam cleaning: it's working in catalan too...

Hi again!

El dg 30 de 12 de 2012 a les 08:47 +0100, en/na Christian PERRIER va
> Hola fellows,
> Just a quick note to mention you guys that the spam cleaning efforts
> you're doing are now paying. This morning, I got about 80 signalled
> spams to review (spam messages that are signalled 5 times are put into
> a "review spool" every Sunday for volunteer Debian developers to
> confirm whether they are spam or not).
> All of them were spam and I happily confirmed them. It now just needs
> two other DDs to do the same and these messages will be removed from
> the lists archives, leaving them with nice and clean catalan
> messages. And I'm sur that two other DDs will probably do the same
> very soon (at least madamezou and probably another tireless spam
> fighter, maybe monica...)

There are about 200 mails more reported as spam in Catalan lists
(debian-user-catalan and debian-l10n-catalan). I've just confirmed them.
If you both can cofirm them as well, we could announce in brief that
Catalan lists are free from spam :)))

Thanks at advance!

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