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Re: sparc autocompile

At 16:41 -0700 1998-08-19, Johnie Ingram wrote:
>Out of boredom I compiled the 2.0.95 and found it worked on my own
>sparc, but not on the ultra -- all the shells either died in a
>segmentation fault or hung completely.  This was with a sparc-linux
>host/target though (the binutils gagged on a real sparc64 target).
>Just dropping in the current 2.0.92-980414 works somewhat better, but
>for some reason dpkg --install won't work: it insists the .deb
>contains an invalid data archive.

You are hitting the late 2.1 kernel, glibc 2.1, ext2fs problem, upgrade to
at least dpkg, which has a workaround for this problem.
Joel Klecker (aka Espy)
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   Debian GNU/Linux user/developer on i386 and powerpc.
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