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Re: Bug#518737: dpkg: install-info should still exit zero if info document is not found

On Sun, 08 Mar 2009, Neil Williams wrote:
> Any timescales?

We already wanted that for lenny but nobody found the time to drive this
change… so no I don't know the timescale.

> Will the package containing install-info become Priority: required or
> will all packages using info documents need to be changed to check for
> install-info in their postinsts?

In the transition period, dpkg will likely depend on the package providing
install-info. But the long term goal is surely to decouple this from dpkg
and have scripts not assume anything about its availability. But this
could be moot sooner if we implement what I suggested below.

> > I would really suggest that you design a solution that doesn't require
> > the postinst snippet at all. A simple solution could be:
> > - have a package "install-info" register a file trigger on /usr/share/install-info/
> > - have other packages provide a .install-info file in that directory that
> >   tells how install-info should be called
> > - add a dh_installinfo helper to automatize the installation of this file
> > - have info readers depend on the new install-info package
> > 
> > Opinions ?
> One thing I cannot do is modify the relevant debian/rules of the
> packages concerned because Grip does not rebuild any packages, in order
> to retain binary compatibility with Debian.

This "solution" is not for Emdebian, it's for Debian as a whole. So you
would not have to modify anything.

Raphaël Hertzog

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