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Bug#400657: texlive-metapost: Please integrate feynmf more in TeXLive packages

Hi all!

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On Mon, 27 Nov 2006 22:47:14 +0100 "Frank Küster" <frank@debian.org> wrote:
>"Kevin B. McCarty" <kmccarty@princeton.edu> wrote:
>> b) Remove _all_ FeynMF stuff from the texlive-metapost package, and make
>> texlive-metapost Depend on feynmf instead.  If this would be preferable,
>> I can very quickly upload a version of feynmf, 1.08-3, that is installable in
>> parallel with TeXLive.  The control information for this version of feynmf
>> would be as follows:
>Norbert is primarily responsible for TeXlive, but he's currently mostly
>offline.  Therefore I'll give a short answer:
>Generally this option is the one we prefer, at least if there's an
>active maintainer for the existing package,


>We'd be glad if you uploaded such a packge (I didn't check the
>dependencies myself, be careful), and I'm sure Norbert will upload a
>texlive with the needed changes in a couple of days, so that we can
>still hope to get it into etch.

Definitely not in a few days as i am in Vietnam without svn access.

Frank: If you want you can do an upload, just add
to the cfg file (if feynmf is the right tpm name). Then we have to add something like
	recommends;texlive-metapost;feynmf (>= ???)
(version necessary???) and maybe something like
I guess this should be enough. If you need more info let me know, otherwise I do it in two weeks.

Best wishes

Dr. Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at>                    Università di Siena
Debian Developer <preining@debian.org>                         Debian TeX Group
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