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Re: Status of Potato?

On 1 Feb 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Brandon Mitchell <bmitch@surfree.com> writes:
> > I wonder if it's a problem from my kernel from kernel.org instead of from
> > the debian package with patches applied.  That's why I want to try a
> > debian kernel tomorrow and start backing out options to see what causes
> > it.  I think you are using initrd.  Maybe there are some cases where it
> > doesn't default to rw.
> Yes, I'm curious why you aren't testing with the stock images such as
> 2.2.5, either generic or compact flavors?  It's kinda hard for us to
> reproduce your testing results, and anyway, our concern is that the
> stock images work right.

My only harddrive is on a ServeRAID controller (by IBM).  At last check it
was setup as a module and not built into the kernel.  That just doesn't
work for me.  I'm sure there will be others who can't use a stock kernel
as well because of different hardware. 


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