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Re: D-I Etch Beta2 - Status update (4)

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 01:52:49PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> I am very happy to announce that the debian-installer images targeted for 
> Beta2 are now in testing (except AMD64) and that daily (etch_d-i) netinst 
> and buisinesscard CD images using them are now available from [1].
> These images use the 2.6.15-7 kernel.

Can you add to the errata page (or tell me where to add it), the following
three issues :

  - 2.6.15-7 has on powerpc a clock drift issue which is fixed in 2.6.15-8.
  - sbp2 is broken in 2.6.15-7, but fixed in 2.6.15-8, on powerpc, thus not
    allowing an install to a firewire disk, or reading back a firewire disk
  - the tg3 module is not included in the module .udebs, and as thus a network
    install on machine with those broadcom ethernet controllers (like the
    Apple Xserve G5) is not possible. loading the tg3.ko module by hand is a
    known workaround.

This should be in addition to the not yet fixed prep issue, which makes d-i
fail on all ibm chrp boxes due to yaboot having a problem with partman-prep
being broken. On 32bit arches, a workaround is to use nobootloader, and the
mkvmlinuz way instead of yaird (configuring mkvmlinuz to produce the
compressed vmlinuz-* kernel, and dding it to a prep partition).


Sven Luther

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