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Re: Ticket [20040226430005510] something for you

Dear SUSE Customer ,

Many thanks for your inquiry to our SUSE PreSales Service and
your interest in SuSE Linux products.

This is a automatically generated e-mail.

Your request regarding "something for you"
has reached us and is handled with the ticket number

If you would like to send us additional information to your request,
please reply to this mail, or name this ticket number


explictely in the subject line of your new mail.

Our ticket system will then add your additional information to the
first mail to avoid unneccesary requests. With this handling, you
will allow us to answer your request as fast and complete as possible.

Many thanks for your kind cooperation.

Actual press announcements and extensive information about the
SUSE LINUX products for private or commercial use as well as the
professional support for the business products can be found on our


Information about SUSE LINUX products for private or SoHo use:

Information about SUSE LINUX products for enterprise use:

If you would like to contact us other than by email, you will find
the adresses at

Kind regards,
     SUSE PreSales-Team

SUSE LINUX AG                  Tel:   +49-(0)180-5003612 (Germany)
                                      888-8754689 extension 5088 (US)
Maxfeldstrasse 5               Fax:   +49 911 - 741 77 55
D-90409 Nürnberg               Email: suse@suse.com
Germany                        WWW:   http://www.suse.de/en
                               WWW:   http://www.suse.com

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