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Sparcstation 20 does not boot


i've got a sparcstation 20 a longer time ago but haven't used it for so far
because i had no clue how to get running the monitor i got with it.
Well today i wanted to try to talk to my sparc via the serial port/console
so i setted my terminal software to use the right COM Port and have setted
the terminal options to 9600-8-N-1.

Well when i switched on my sparc after a few seconds it shows me up some

SMCC SPARCstation 10/20 UP/MP POST version VRV3.45 (09/11/95)

CPU_#0       TI, TMS390Z50(3.x)       0Mb External cache

CPU_#1       ******* NOT installed *******
CPU_#2       ******* NOT installed *******
CPU_#3       ******* NOT installed *******

           >>>>> Power On Self Test (POST) is running .... <<<<<

At this point my sparc stucks.. nothing more since about 20 minutes!
What could be the failure (even if the given informations might not be very
much, sorry :() and how can i resolve it?

Would be lucky for cc'ing follow-ups to p.schoenfeld@epost.de

Thanks for now

Patrick Schönfeld

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