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PC monitor on Ultra 60/Elite 3D

Well, I have been lurking on this list a couple of months and received a
lot of good tips about Debian Sparc and love it, and I know that this is
not really the purpose of this list, but I figure that if anyone can
help me those on this list might be able to...

I have an NEC LCD1850E that is supposed to be "Sun compatible" whatever
that means.  My guess has been that I should be able to use a Raritan
APSSUN to convert the Elite3D's 13W3 connector to the LCD1850E's VGA15.

I have done the following:

1) Set the dip switches on the APSSUN to the position denoting
"1280x1024," the native resolution of the LCD1850E,
2) "setenv output-device screen:r1280x1024x60" on the boot prom

My PC mouse and keyboard work great though this box.  The screen,
although it is supposed to sync, seems not to.  I have a 15 inch Sun
monitor, and I can tell that it is changing the resolution properly for
both the boot prom screen and X.

Anyone have any hints or any questions that might set me in the right


Chad Carr <ccarr@franzdoodle.com>

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