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spin_lock error Sparc SS20

I have some Spin_lock errors with my SS20:
spin_lock(f4ef8734) CPU#1 stuck at f0032ce8, owner PC(c39a2a04):CPU(0)
spin_lock(f4ef8734) CPU#0 stuck at f002b830, owner PC(c39a2a04):CPU(0)
These errors are always the same one and are repeated indefinitely... For stop them, I reboot the sparc ... and they arrive by chance..
my kernel is 2.4.20 and I use the machine in router, www, ftp, ssh, etc ... It have two SuperSPARC processor at 75mhz (SM71 module) and 384M of RAM.... and it run Debian 3.0rc1
Anyome can help me ??
thank you.

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