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Re: PS/2 mouse on Sparc Classic

> I would like to connect a regular PS/2 mouse to Sparc
> Classic instead of broken one which was made by SUN.
> As I understood, it shouldn't be a problem from the
> signalling point of view, I have just change the mouse
> connector.
Have been discussing this with a hardware hacker associate of mine. 
This isn't quite as easy as it sounds.  There are commercially avaliable
boxes that will do SUN <-> PS/2 and that may be you best bet as I
believe they also convert the protocol.

> Then I am planning to run Debian instalation on the
> same machine. 
> The question is - will Debian understand the new mouse
> protocol (I am pretty sure that Solaris will not)? 
Yes if it has drivers for it - X may have been compiled without them.

> Should I expect any problem with this installation?
Your mouse may not work - I suspect this will take a while to get
working.  I guess the worst that will happen is that your machine will
simply refuse to recognise the keyboard at all and you'll have to
install via Serial.

> Should I use a particular mouse for the replacement ?
A Sun one?  This is a genuine question - why does it need to be a PS/2
mouse?  You can get Sun keyboards / mice very cheaply on eBay and that
will not only probabily be cheaper but less hassel than trying to wire
up a PS/2.  If you are intent on it then go for as generic a mouse as
possible IMHO - if you start having to play with the Microsoft or
Logictec protocol extensions as well things are going to start getting
very complicated.


Sweet Dreams,
 - Martin

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