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Re: XWindow in Sparc4

	Hi all,
	I installed Debian Sparc in 2 Sparc/4. One is running X and the other
not :( The packages are the same in both. I made the kbd device in the two.
	When I type startx the following error occurs:
	No screen founds.
	I have another problem with csh:
	$ csh
-csh: Symbol `_IO_2_1_stdin_' has different size in shared object, consider
  	These bugs are important to elimin because I'introducing Linux in a
envorinment of Sun running Solaris. If doesnt work very well I'll have to 
return to Slowlaris :(
	Have a nice day,		Paulo Henrique
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> >     Hi Debian Sparc users,
> >     Excuse me if I'm sending this mail twice. I already send a mail
> > yesterday about setting X in a Sparc4 and none answered :(
> > I have to setup X in this machine otherwise I'll wave to install
> > Slowlaris again :(
> >     Please help, altought I know that all of you are busy compiling
> > Slink packages. Good work guys.
> your problem was with X not finding /dev/kbd? well, make it:
> mknod /dev/kbd c 11 0
> major/minor numbers for devices are listed in /usr/src/linux/Documenta
> tion/devices.txt
> HTH,
> cm.
> -- 
> christian mock @ home in vienna, austria
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