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Re: Latest libc6?

At 19:13 -0600 1998-04-01, John Goerzen wrote:
>I would like to help with these.  What is the procedure?  Ie, how do
>the numbers on sparc get changed?  Should the maintainer field be
>updated?  Are changes files to be generated?  Does dupload handle
>things for recompilation for another platform without uploading source
>properly?  Etc, ETc...

The procedure is really quite simple, call dpkg-buildpackage with -B
(builds only architecture dependent packages and no source), and -m"<your
maintainer info>"(e.g. dpkg-buildpackage -B -m"Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org>"
is what I use).

It is (usually) not necessary to mess with the package at all. Once the
package(s) are built and the changes files signed, you can upload as normal.

Joel "Espy" Klecker    <mailto:jk@espy.org>    <http://web.espy.org/>
Debian GNU/Linux Developer...................<http://www.debian.org/>

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