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[rt.debian.org #3892] Re: Bug#677297: kfreebsd-8: cve-2012-0217

On mer., 2012-07-04 at 21:33 +0100, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi Security Team,
> Someone replied on RT ticket #3892 (on which I am Cc'd, but can't view
> it and don't know the author) the following:
> > Careful, patch in SVN repository can't be used as-is. See:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2012/06/msg00214.html
> But that is not true.  By then I had already committed to SVN (r4320) a
> corrected fix supplied by upstream, and followed up on that message with:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2012/06/msg00246.html
> Please let me or debian-bsd@ know if anything more is needed for a
> stable-security upload.

Can you show us a debdiff for the package you intend to upload to


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