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ioQuake3 standalone games - Packaging multiple versions of the engine


I'm packaging a number of ioQuake3 based games. We on the
debian-devel-games list had the idea of converting all ioQuake3 based
games currently in the archive, and those to come to use a single shared
ioQuake3 engine, reducing the work for the security team.

Unfortunately upstream of the various games is unhappy with this, and a
number have made tweaks that make the games either incompatible, or
compatible but with quirks, when used with the unmodified ioQuake3

ioQuake3 upstream is unreceptive about merging back changes from the
various standalone games built on that engine, and thus this leaves us
with 3 choices regarding ioQuake3 games in the archive:

1. support all of the ioquake3 derivatives in stable and testing
2. support none of the ioquake3 derivatives but allow them to migrate
to testing and stable
3. allow none of the ioquake3 derivatives to reach testing and stable
using RC bugs or other means

Paul Wise (pabs@debian.org) asked me to communicate this issue and his
three possible solutions regarding it to you, as I have done. If you
have any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Coulter

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