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Re: murphy in sbl.spamhaus.org

On Sa, 27.11.2004, 03:43, Stephen Gran wrote:
> I guess what I'm trying to say is, I understand your misgivings, beause
> people implementing most anything can manage to do it in a really stupid,
> painful and harmful way.  That doesn't necessarily mean the idea is
> unsound.  Greylisting is, itself, a one-trick pony.  It will lose it's
> effectiveness whenever spammers get around to implementing queues on
> their zombie clients.  OTOH, admin'ing an MTA these days is an arms race,
> and a new weapon can be a lot of help.

I disagree here.

If only a few of us would use greylisting no spammer would think about
implementing queues.
But if the majority would use it and they (the spammers) implement
queues, it could end in a disaster for them. Or how would you call
a queue with millions of messages waiting?
And now for the warriors among us: At that point you could play with
the time window perhaps using random shifts to at least knock them out.
I'm using mimedefang as my 'aircraft-carrier' for such games. ;)
You are able to react very fast with that tool if the situation
would change!


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