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Re: other chroot things

At 8:23 Uhr +0200 4.10.2001, Marco Tassinari wrote:
 in a chroot environment with a local passwd and shadow and group files,
 I cannot use users. Eg, in the chrooted bash, 'ls -l' returns 0 0 for
 root.root files, 8.8 for mail.mail files... so my chrooted copy of
 sendmail freezes.  It seems that the local passwd isn't there...
  Perhaps there's something wrong whith Pam or similar things... I don't
 know a lot about them.

It seems that ls doesn't use pam. (see ldd, and also experiments show this.)

For me ls shows numbers, when /etc/passwd|group files are not present. Are you sure your copies are at the right place? (no symlinks of course)

For pam to work you'll have to copy the relevant libraries, too (/lib/libpam*, I guess).


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