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answer from abuse@ptd.net

Without the darkness, how would you recognize the light?

-----Original Message-----
From: abuse-noreply@ptd.net
Date: 1 Sep 2001 13:18:18 -0000
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Is ident secure?


This is an AUTO-REPLY message in  response to an email appearing to 
have originated from your address and delivered to one of the mail 
administration addresses, most likely concerning an abuse issue. 
This message is _not_ intended as a response to your report, but it 
does contain information regarding net-abuse issues.

Due to the volume of email that can sometimes occur, we may not be 
able to respond individually to each message sent to this address, 
and will likely only do so when additional information is required.

PenTeleData, LPI. does not condone and will not permit abusive behavior
by its users.  Though no summary judgments are made, all reports we 
receive are investigated and action is taken when and where it is 

We have certain guidelines and 'acceptable use' policies to which all 
members are bound.  Anytime a member fails to follow these provisions 
and guidelines, their account will be dealt with as defined in the 
policy guidelines:


ALL abuse reports submitted to abuse@ptd.net must include a date and
time the incident allegedly took place.  The time MUST include the time
and indicate if the time is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time, e.g.
EDT is acceptable, where 6:00pm is not.  Abuse reports that do not
this information may be deleted without further action.


The information that you have provided will be used to investigate 
the incident.  Once the investigation is complete, the appropriate 
action will be taken.  Please check to make sure that you included 
the full "received headers" when you sent us a copy of the e-mail 
message in question.  You may need to select a "Show All Headers" 
option in your e-mail software in order to include the full received 
headers. (You can tell whether they are included by looking for lines 
that begin with the word "Received:" in the header lines at the top 
of the message.)  Please understand that without the full received 
headers, we are unable to process a complaint.

Also, remember not to reply to any spam or electronic chain letters 
you receive, since replying may result in your being added to more 
spam mailing lists.

We apologize for any inconvenience which  may have been caused by 
this incident.  Though we maintain stringent policies preventing 
third parties from using open mail relays on our system, there are 
numerous methods of sending spam.  Rest assured that we take reports 
of this type very seriously and will do everything possible to 
identify and punish those who send unsolicited e-mail.

If you are PTD user reporting about email received in your mailbox
please read http://spam.abuse.net/howtocomplain.html for assistance
on reporting email abuse and where to report the infraction.

PenTeleData                                    Phone: 610-826-4701 	
http://www.ptd.net                               Fax: 610-826-4707
Email: abuse@ptd.net

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