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Re: Problem with logging firewall packets

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From: "Ronny Adsetts" <ronny.adsetts@amazing-internet.com>
To: "Paul Dossett" <paul@korangar.bpa.nu>
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 2:27 AM
Subject: RE: Problem with logging firewall packets

> > Okay, I'm *really* embarrassed about this, but I can't get syslog to log
> > firewall packets to a logfile - it insists on sending them to my Debian
> > box's console.  I've checked the /etc/syslog.conf file and there's no
> > mention of a console there at all, so what am I doing wrong?  The crappy
> > ipchains test script I've rigged is working, a grc.com scan is being
> blocked
> > in all the right ways, but I just can't get the logs on magnetic
> > what really simple, obvious,
> > step am I missing?
> Probably klogd is missing. try:
> # apt-get update && apt-get install klogd

It was installed, but the kicker was that something seemed to be wrong with
the init script, the syslogd and klogd daemons weren't restarting when I
executed their scripts, so the changes I made in the syslog.conf file were
being ignored.  Manually killing the processes and restarting them worked,
and logging is back... thanks all!

Hopefully I can return the favour for some *other* foolish newbie... ;)


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