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RE: strange log entry

IPChains/Tables. All these services run on certain ports that they use even internally to the machine. Unless you're building a hardened firewall box (where you shouldn't be running RPC or X11 anyway) you should just either A) [preferable] have these systems behind a hardened firewall box, or B) install appropriate IPChains/Tables rules to block external access to those services.

At 04:10 PM 5/24/2001 +0900, Curt Howland wrote:

ok, with all this talking about rpc security holes, even though i've
port-scanned and edited my initd.conf file, and pruned out everything i can
think of to prune, the following still shows up in netstat -a:

tcp    0   0 *:sunrpc                *:*      LISTEN
udp    0   0 *:1171                  *:*
udp    0   0 bogus.bogus.com:domain  *:*
udp    0   0 localhost:domain        *:*
udp    0   0 *:sunrpc                *:*
raw    0   0 *:icmp                  *:*    7
raw    0   0 *:tcp                   *:*    7

the last two i understand, as well as domain, but sunrpc and 1171?

i've cleaned up everything i can think of, but X11R6 says it still needs the
RPC packages.

any suggestions?


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