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Re: OpenSSH and CVS

This is easy:

as the user that runs the CVS scripts:
    run ssh-keygen
    it will run thru and ask where you want the file (~/.ssh/identity will
be fine)
    when prompted for a password just hit return, and again on the next line
    now copy the contents of ~/.ssh/identity.pub to the
~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the machines you need to get to, if it
doesn't exist create it.
    you should now be able to login without a password.


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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 12:10 AM
Subject: OpenSSH and CVS

> I'm running Debian on a CVS server and have Debian clients.  We're using
> OpenSSH to replace the rsh calls in CVS.  The problem is that every time
> a cvs user makes a CVS call (like cvs diff file), they have to enter my
> password.  I know there's a way around this, but I can't find clear
> documentation.
> Anyone have a similiar experience?
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> Matt Ray
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