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Re: Port forwarding for potato

Hmmm what did you have to change in your Ipchains Rules for the 
forwarded ports?

I've noticed everyone like to say 'I didn't have to install'... that's
nice but what did you have to do to existing software.

This comes on the heels.. distant heels of my Ipchains/Portfw post
regarding running a Delta Force Land Warrior server behind an
ipmasq box.
It still doesn't work. Although I've made some progress, you can join by
direct IP but not via the online NovaWorld gaming service or whatever
you'd call (they don't host.. just list the public games)
I can't for the life of me understand why... there are no associated
IPs being denied or rejected.

If I add ipmasqadm portfw some_port -> some_port do  Ineed any
additional rules or changes to my rules for Ipchains?

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