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boot-floppies for s390 are going to be released

I am going to upload the 3.0.14 boot-floppies today so that they are in the
archive tomorrow. The following items are missing
1) script for initial netsetup
2) integration of dasdfmt into dbootstrap
3) creation of non-root user from dbootstrap

I would be great if someone could write a hopefully successful installation
report and post it to debian-testing.

Below is a short description of what I did to install from VM reader.

I downloaded the VM reader kernel image s390/linux, the parmfile
and the ramdisk root.bin from dists/testing/main/disks-s390/current/. I added
then the OCO modules by accessing the ramdisk via a loopback device.

I did an ipl from VM reader using the 3 files. I loaded then the network
module, configured the interface with ifconfig and added a default route.

I did a telnet into the system, dasdfmt from the command line and followed
the dbootstrap dialog for installation from the network. When dbootstrap was
finished I unmounted /target and did an ipl from the dasd. After the creation
of a non-root user from the console using adduser I could telnet into the new


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