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Re: makedev: s390 /dev/console should be 4:64 not 5:1

On Saturday 28 July 2001 12:30, Richard Higson wrote:
> Package: makedev
> Version: 2.3.1-53
> Severity: grave
> Debian/390 will not boot if it can not find a /dev/console at c 4 64
> The s390 `sbin/MAKEDEV` currently calls for 'consoleonly'
> which creates c 5 1 --> Game over

Sorry, but that's not true. c 5 1 is correct and works fine with kernel 2.4. 
The problem is with 2.2 only and should be fixed in the kernel. Anyhow, since 
we are targetting for a 2.4 based woody for s390, everything is fine.

Could you please withdraw the bug report.


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