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Re: some news

On Friday 13 July 2001 22:57, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > Important packages still being worked on are:
> >
> > kernel packages
> > gcc 2.95.4 and gcc 3.0
> > kdebase
> > emacs
> > xemacs
> > gdb
> > strace
> I built strace just now with only very minor modifications.  Upstream
> support was already there, but wasn't getting enabled.  I've submitted a
> bug with the patch (no bug number yet).  I just lost connectivity to
> cyclops; if it comes back, I'll work on some of the others.
> Has anyone tried the latest gdb package (a CVS snapshot)?
Yes, I did. Some s390 patches are already there, but it is not complete and 
the patch from Developer Works doesn't apply smoothly. If you are interested 
take it.

kernel packages and emacs are already in work by someone else.

kdebase has a dependency to xserver, which has to be disabled for s390.


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