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wanna-build DB now on auric

the autobuilder feeds now the wanna-build DB for s390 on auric. If you have 
an account on auric and want to work on a package, please take the package 
from the DB by issueing

wanna-build  --database=s390/build-db <pkg_name>

so that it is excluded from the autobuild. Prerequisite is that you are 
member of the group wb-s390 on auric.

For details of wanna-build see 
http://m68k.debian.org/buildd/wanna-build/README ;.

In order to get the logs of the autobuilder subscribe to s390-buildd
by sending a mail to listar@gt.owl.de with 'subscribe s390-buildd' in the 
BODY of the message.


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