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 It is indeed my pleasure to write to you this letter, which I 
believe will be a surprise to you, as we are both complete 
strangers. I actually found your email address at the trade 
and email directory listings here in Pretoria, South Africa. 
I work at the Ministry of Minerals and Energy in South 
Africa as the chief accountant and have the mandate of 
two senior colleagues to search discreetly and diligently 
for a foreign partner that could assist us concerning a 
business matter, which will be of mutual benefit to all.
We do require your assistance in the transfer of 
US$15,000,000 (Fifteen million United States Dollars). 
This fund emanate from over invoiced contract amount 
that was executed for my Ministry by a mining company, 
which is undergone liquidation.  Although the actual 
contract amount was paid to the company, the over 
invoiced amount of US$15,000,000 has since been lying 
in the Ministry's escrow account at the Reserve Bank of 
South Africa pending proper proof of claim, Am privy to 
this classified information by virtue of my position in the 
ministry. However we are unable to proceed alone with 
this transaction, because the civil service code of conduct 
laws strictly prohibits us from engaging in private business 
or operating any foreign account, hence my search for a 
foreigner whose company and account (business or 
private), we can use to transfer the money.     
We already have the approved proof of claim and 
evidence of this contract in our possession, while soliciting 
for a reliable and committed foreign partner to act as 
front. The basis of this transaction is that the assets of the 
liquidated Mining company, which won the contract from 
my ministry is being acquired by your company and we 
shall arrange all the necessary documentation in 
conjunction with one of the ex- directors of the closed 
mining company.   Acquisition of company is a very 
common practice here in my country and the officials 
responsible for documentation have been settled on this 
Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free and we 
shall abide strictly to all the legal procedures as contained   
in   our laws and international laws in transferring the fund. 
 I ask that you keep this communication strictly 
confidential, as the two senior officials involved are very 
highly placed government functionaries and would not like 
to be exposed.
Please go through this letter carefully and if you are 
interested in assisting us, kindly notify me urgently via my 
email address, as time is of the essence in this transaction. 
Upon your acceptance to assist us I shall provide you 
with more detailed information on procedures and also 
negotiate your percentage with you for your assistance. 
 Thank you and God Bless, as I wait for your urgent 
 My Sincere Regards.

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