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Requesting freeze exception for uwsgi

Hello Release team,

I've prepared a release 1.2.3+dfsg-2 (-1 in testing) but did not
upload to unstable as I want to consult about the changes.

To resolve the issue #680132 a binary package uwsgi-plugin-luajit
(built from src:uwsgi) must be removed from the archive, as luajit
will be removed from the Wheeze. There are no reverse dependencies for
uwsgi-plugin-luajit (except for the meta package
uwsgi-app-integration-plugins which will be fixed in the same
release). I would like to ask is the procedure of removing a binary
package the same during the freeze?

The second change is applying an upstream patch regarding memory leak,
which is an important fix.

I am sending the diff for the 1.2.3+dfsg-2. Should I proceed with the
upload to unstable and ask for removal from ftpmaster?


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