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Bug#666126: transition: poppler 0.18

Package: release.debian.org
Severity: normal
User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
Usertags: transition


I would like to ask a slot for a Poppler 0.18.x transition.
Currently there is Poppler 0.18.4 in experimental already. Please note
that there are still few issues that prevents it to be started,
so I'm filing this at this time to have this transition considered
by release-team.

This transition impacts the existing poppler libraries in the following ways:
- libpoppler13 → libpoppler19
- libpoppler-glib6 → libpoppler-glib8
- libpoppler-qt4-3 -- BC with 0.16, but bumps shlibs

Below it is a list of sources which are touched by the transition, and their
situation, sorted by solutions:

Sources that compile fine, and can be binNMU'ed:

  apvlv (poppler-glib)
  auto-multiple-choice (poppler)
  calibre (poppler)
  cups-filters (poppler)
  epdfview (poppler-glib)
  evince (poppler-glib)
  gdcm (poppler)
  gimp (poppler-glib)
  gnome-commander (poppler)
  gpdftext (poppler-glib)
  gummi (poppler-glib)
  inkscape (poppler, poppler-glib)
  koffice (poppler)
  libreoffice (poppler)
  openscenegraph (poppler-glib)
  pdf-presenter-console (poppler-glib)
  pdf2djvu (poppler)
  pdf2svg (poppler-glib)
  pdfcube (poppler-glib)
  pdfgrep (poppler)
  pdftoipe (poppler)
  popplerkit.framework (poppler)
  referencer (poppler-glib)
  ruby-gnome2 (poppler-glib)
  texlive-bin (poppler)
  tracker (poppler-glib)
  tumbler (poppler-glib)
  webkit2pdf (poppler-glib)
  xournal (poppler-glib)
  xpdf (poppler)
  zathura (poppler-glib)

Sources that currently FTBFS:

* gambas2 (poppler)
    In a private talk with the gambas2 maintainer, he told me gambas2
    is not fit for wheezy and it will be replaced ASAP with gambas3.
    No timing yet, though.
    The gambas2 FTBFS has been reported as #651386.

* luatex (poppler)
    This is #651169.

* poppler-sharp (poppler-glib)
    This is an arch:all package, so it needs a sourceful upload.
    It is #651385 and set as pending since some time.

* python-poppler (poppler-glib)
    The (small) patch needed to compile with poppler 0.18 breaks
    compatibility with python apps using the few poppler-glib functions
    dropped in poppler 0.16, so it cannot be uploaded right now.
    Bug is #651388, and it will need a sourceful upload.

Other cases:

* derivations (poppler)
    This source builds a libpoppler-based utility application which is
    only used during the build to generate other data, and no trace of
    that application are left in the resulting arch:all package.
    This source can be left out of the transition (and it compiles fine
    with poppler 0.18 anyway).

* pdfshuffler (python-poppler)
    Due to the API loss in poppler-glib (the ones that require a patch
    in python-poppler, see above) it will not run with a python-poppler
    patched as in #651388.
    It has been reported as #660937, and it is fixed upstream (with
    maintainer waiting for an upstream release).

I grouped all the bugs mentioned above (even the solved ones) with the
following usertag:

A tracker for poppler would have
- "affected" packages: b-d on libpoppler-dev or libpoppler-private-dev
                          or libpoppler-glib-dev or libpoppler-qt4-dev
- "bad" packages: depends on libpoppler13 or libpoppler-glib6
- "good" packages: depends on libpoppler19 or libpoppler-glib8
.... but since you already created it on my request, thanks!


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