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Xapian 1.2 for squeeze?

Xapian 1.2.0 was released this week, and I'd like to try to get it in for
squeeze - it's smaller, faster, has more features, and will be supported by
upstream for more of the life of squeeze.

For Debian, "Xapian" means source packages xapian-core, xapian-bindings,
xapian-omega, and libsearch-xapian-perl.

1.2.0 has come off the back of a development release series, so although it is
a ".0", new bugs are more likely to be "testsuite fails to compile under GNU
Hurd" (actual bug, fixed already) than "will set fire to your cat".  Looking
at the upstream bug database, most of the recent fixes were for bugs also
present in Xapian 1.0.x.

Xapian 1.2 is ABI incompatible with 1.0, but the API is mostly upwardly
compatible.  Removed features have been marked as deprecated for some time
(with warnings when compiling), and the intention has been to try to make
it easy to write code that works with both 1.0 and 1.2 where changes are

Xapian 1.2 introduces a new default database format, but it can read the
default format 1.0 used, so existing database won't need updating or

Current status:

I've uploaded packages of xapian-core, xapian-bindings, xapian-omega to
experimental, and those that needed to have now cleared NEW.

I've test built all the reverse build-deps of libxapian-dev.  The only problems
are recoll (requires a patch to stop it including internal Xapian headers -
sent upstream, will file in the BTS shortly) and notmuch (2 tests fail, but
the same issue has been reported trying to build with Xapian 1.0.19 too -
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.mail.notmuch.general/2741 - so I'm guessing
this is a notmuch issue).

I'd like to check (or get others more familiar with them to check) the reverse
(non-build) dependencies too to try to avoid any surprises later, but I've not
really started on this yet.

I'm tracking status here:


For actually making this happen, these packages would need source uploads:

recoll (needs patch)
notmuch (probably)

These would just need a rebuild (assuming they are binnmu-safe, which I didn't



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