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Re: Reverting the libmpc 0.1~r435-1 upload

Adeodato Simó wrote:

> > cynthiune.app          ---- Bug #476381

> I’m Bcc'ing all of the involved bugs so that maintainers can send an
> update on the status of their bug

To be honest, I haven't worked on a patch yet because it was my
understanding that this transition will wait for the (already
approved) GNUstep transition.  Or there is no problem from the Release
Team's POV to tie them together?

Anyway, I looked at the GStreamer patch Sebastian sent back then when
he filed the bug, and porting looked trivial.  With little luck I'll
be ready with a fix pretty soon.

JFTR, it is very easy to (temporarily) disable Musepack support in
Cynthiune by passing disable-musepack=yes to gs_make in the
build-stamp target and dropping the libmpcdec-dev build-dependency.
But I'm confident this won't be necessary.

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