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Re: Bug#501548: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/var/lib/scrollkeeper/(null)/scrollkeeper_cl.xml"

reassign 501548 rarian-compat
retitle 501548 rarian-compat generates OMF files that make scrollkeeper fail for gnome-hearts

Le samedi 29 novembre 2008 à 16:29 +0200, Edward J. Shornock a écrit :
> > > You're using amd64 as well. Is #502348 applicable?
> > Uhm well when I remove genome-hearts it works again, but as soon as it's
> > installed again,.. the same error reappears...
> > 
> > Any ideas?
> Yes, you can rebuild the package and install that.
> I'd recommend using pbuilder[1] (or its cousin cowdancer) so you don't clutter
> your system with source headers that you will rarely use. 

It seems the OMF files that were generated by rarian-compat in the
gnome-hearts build are not suitable for scrollkeeper. So this a but in
rarian-compat: if the source files are incorrect (which is likely since
this does not happen for other GNOME packages), it should fail instead
of generating incorrect files itself.

Dear release team, could you please schedule a binNMU for gnome-hearts
on amd64? This should fix the issue for now, and the next version will
feature a build-conflict to prevent this from happening again.

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