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SRM - cryptmount update to 1.2-3

Dear Release Team,

	I would like to issue an updated version of 'cryptmount' (from 1.2-1 to 1.2-3) within the current Debian 'Etch' release. This package provides facilities for managing encrypted filesystems via the kernel device-mapper.

	The proposed update addresses the following problems in the 1.2-1 release that have caused difficulties for a number of users:

	* the example master configuration file is not installed correctly, leaving no example of /etc/cryptmount/cmtab within /usr/share/doc/cryptmount/examples;

	* inappropriate startup run-levels have been selected for triggering /etc/init.d/cryptmount, meaning that it will not be feasible to configure encrypted filesystems at system boot-up, as intended;

	* the /etc/init.d/cryptmount startup script does not ensure that device-mapper kernel modules are loaded (which will conflict with anticipated changes in the libdevmapper package);

	* the documentation does not explain rather cryptic error messages issued by libdevmapper when an unsupported key-size is chosen for the user-selected encryption algorithm;

	* certain errors associated with failure to create/modify key-files are not trapped;

	All of these changes represent very minor corrections to the source-code, but will remove some significant weaknesses in the current release.

	The source-code for the proposed update is available via http://www.rwpenney.org.uk/software/index.html

	If you could authorize my sponsor (Laszlo Boszormenyi) to upload cryptmount_1.2-3 to the stable distribution on my behalf, that would be much appreciated.

			RW Penney

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