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Re: qa.debian.org moved to quantz, bugs.qa.debian.org to be dropped

Christoph Berg wrote:

> We've just moved qa.debian.org to quantz.debian.org.
> I've fixed most scripts and cronjobs, what's missing atm is a "dak ls"
> command so rmadison is currently broken. I hope to fix that tomorrow.

<raphael> pinotree: with the move of qa.d.o to another host, the original 
[rmadison] backend doesn't work anymore
<raphael> so I'm using an http redirect until we restore the original 
backend somehow, or a permissions problem is fixed and I can avoid the http 
redirect (which should fix lenny's rmadison)

Atm, upgrading to squeeze's devscripts (or the one in bpo), or modifying 
rmadison(1)'s call to curl so that it passes -L too, should fix it.

The current backend is fed by UDD, uses code names, and includes more 
suites. E.g.

$ rmadison lintian
 lintian | 1.23.28+etch1   | etch-security   | source, all
 lintian | 1.23.28+etch1   | etch            | source, all
 lintian | | lenny-security  | source, all
 lintian | | lenny           | source, all
 lintian | 2.2.0~bpo40+1   | backports/etch  | source, all
 lintian | 2.4.3~bpo50+1   | backports/lenny | source, all
 lintian | 2.4.3           | squeeze         | source, all
 lintian | 2.4.3           | sid             | source, all

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